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A Revolutionary Forms and Survey Web Application Service

eResponse is an Xhost Product.

If you regularly survey the opinions and reactions of customers, conference attendees, employees, buyers or anyone else whose opinion matters, or if you would like to start surveying such people, eResponse offers you a web based, self-administered survey program that can make creating, administering and analysing a survey as easy as clicking a button. With eResponse you can create your survey questionairre in minutes.

eResponse is a web application which allows the rapid building, deployment and analysis of web based surveys without the need to write CGI code or HTML pages.

eResponse simplifies the process of producing surveys and collating results, allowing you to spend more time on getting the questions right !

eResponse may be run from our site as a web application service, where you may subscribe to a number of simultaneous surveys, or you may purchase a site license for your own intranet. Whichever method you choose, eResponse puts you back in control of your surveys.

Reasons for using eResponse

  • Full Application Service support.
  • Surveys may be built, tested and run in a fraction of the time, without the need for any coding, and the questions can be easily changed and re-used.
  • Two survey types available, Advanced, and Poll.
  • Wide range of question types.
  • Survey Templates can be setup to suit your company style
  • Password, time sensitive and one-shot access control options.
  • Accuracy ensured by optionally validating each question using Client Side Javascript and server side validation.
  • All entries recorded and may be browsed and downloaded to Excel.
  • Results stored at the server in a SQL Server database.
  • Results downloadable to Excel for further processing and analysis.
  • Configurable graphical output options for each question
  • Report can be built online and available immediately
  • Can be called from (and return to) your own website.
  • Open and closed survey options

Internet surveys overcome many of the drawbacks to traditional survey methods: They are convenient, letting users take them any time of the day or night; they make it possible to efficiently and easily gather time-sensitive information; and they extend the survey's potential reach to anywhere in the world. And as more and more of the world is getting on the Internet, it makes sense to take advantage of such an easily-accessible vehicle for gathering data.

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